Chien Ho (Class of 2019)

What are you doing for your research project?

Chien is involved in an inorganic chemistry lab here at Wesleyan. They look at metals and their complexes, and strive to better understand contrast agents of MRIs–which helps enhance imaging to better look at the brain, such as to see if there is a tumor. In the lab he is analyzing the properties of the contrast agent, specifically looking at the relaxivity–the higher relaxivity, the better the contrast is.

Why did you choose to major in CIS?

Chien chose the CIS linked major because of his desire to be involved in research, since CIS gives students the opportunity to be funded for a summer. Additionally, he was planning on taking science courses outside his primary major already due to his varying interests, and CIS allows this to be turned into a major.

What activities do you do on campus?

Outside of class Chien helped to coordinate the Wesleyan Science Outreach Program, which creates lesson plans centered around different science topics and bringing them to local elementary schools. He is also currently training to run a half marathon with some of his friends to relieve some of the stress of school. He is also trying to spend as much time hanging out with his friends before his last year here at Wes comes to a close!

What are your plans after graduation?

He is currently looking for jobs after graduation and is in the interview process. One such possibility is working in the healthcare field as an analyst consultant.

How did the CIS-linked major help you at Wesleyan and how do you think it is preparing you for life after Wesleyan?

Having CIS as a linked major has helped when applying for jobs because it has developed many transferable skills important for a variety of careers–thinking critically about data, lab skills, and problem solving, to name a few.